The Companions


Clara Oswald

“Run. Run you clever you boy. And remember me.”

The Impossible Girl. The Eleventh Doctor first encountered Junior Entertainment Manager of the Starship Alaska, Oswin Oswald, whom of which was trapped inside the Dalek Asylum. But realising she had really been converted into a Dalek, she sacrificed herself in order to save The Doctor, along with wiping The Daleks’ memory of him.

He then encountered a Victorian governess/barmaid, Clara Oswin Oswald, who saved him yet again, before dying at the hands of the Ice Governess. Realising that he had met this woman before, the hunt began to find the woman twice dead.

Third time lucky, The Doctor then encountered a modern day nanny, Clara Oswald, a smart, quick-witted young lady. Travelling in time and space, with this mysterious girl, it eventually turned out that to save The Doctor, Clara allowed herself to be scattered across The Doctor’s timestream, creating different versions of herself to save The Doctor from meeting his maker. After The Doctor returning the favour and rescuing her, she continued to travel with him, even meeting two of his previous incarnations, and then meeting his successor. After a rocky start with this new man, the duo are now as close as ever, and not even the death of Clara’s boyfriend, Danny, or a master plan by Missy, could ever split The Doctor and his most loyal companion apart.

River Song

“Hello Sweetie”

The Tenth Doctor first encountered Professor River Song in The Library, where she summoned him. A woman who already knew everything about him. She sacrificed herself to save The Doctor and 4022 people.

The Eleventh Doctor then encountered her on numerous occasions, including the crash of The Byzantium, the opening of The Pandorica and the invitation of his own death. But each time they met, they always met in the wrong order.

This woman was later to be revealed as Amy and Rory’s daughter, Melody Pond, whom was kidnapped by the evil Madame Kovarian at the battle of Demon’s Run. She was also The Doctor’s wife and killer, till death do them part.

River is clever, flirty and the equivalent to The Doctor. Not long after witnessing the loss of her parents, The Doctor never made contact with her, because he doesn’t like endings. But on the fields of Trenzalore, The Doctor and his beloved wife said one final goodbye and parted their ways. The days of the mad man with a box and the psychopath in high heels and lipstick, the rest is history. But whether River Song will return again, “Spoilers.”


Madame Vastra

Madame Vastra is an old friend of the Doctor. “A lizard woman from the dawn of time”. This Silurian is not to be messed with. When The Doctor found her in the London Underground, attempting to avenge her sisters, it was then when The Doctor taught her that “anger is always the shortest distance to a mistake”. Living in Victorian London with her wife, Jenny, and their butler, Strax, on Paternoster Row. Whenever there is a case to be solved, or The Doctor is in need of help and assistance, Vastra is always there.

p00nr2gmJenny Flint

Appearing to be Madame Vastra’s maid, Jenny is really the skilled fighter that is Vastra’s friendly and loyal wife. Jenny, like Vastra, is always there for The Doctor. She assisted Vastra to rescue Amy Pond at Demon’s Run, and even saved The Doctor from Victorian Yorkshiremen. Even after having her heart restarted by Strax on Trenzalore. Her gentle manner towards a shocked Clara, differs from her wife’s bluntness, but they make quite the team. Then there’s Strax too. Well, you know what they say, two’s company, three’s a crowd.


Commander Strax

This blood thirsty and War hungry Sontaran, is a surprisingly unordinary Sontaran. A nurse by trade, a punishment from The Doctor. An old deed was to be payed to The Doctor, and so Strax assisted him at Demon’s Run, which lost him his life, nearly. Now, he’s swapped jobs and is a butler in Victorian London for Madame Vastra and her wife, Jenny. Always quick to suggest acid bombs, this Sontaran is always loyal to The Doctor, even if he gets things a bit wrong now and then. There’s no need to worry, because he’s got everything handled… sure.


Amelia Pond

“Raggedy man, goodbye”

The Girl Who Waited. Amy met The Doctor when she was 7 years old. He promised to return in five minutes. And so he did, 12 years later. After defeating Prisoner Zero and warning off the Atraxi, The Doctor left yet again. 2 years later and the night before Amy’s wedding to Rory, he came back for her and together they travelled in time and space, solving the mysteries surrounding Starship UK, meeting Winston Churchill, and journeying through the maze of the dead.

The Doctor and Amy were then joined by Amy’s fiance, Rory, but before getting hitched, they took a detour, which included getting stuck beneath the surface, Rory being written out of existence, and the destruction of the Universe.

After finally getting married, Amy and Rory continued to travel with The Doctor, after numerous honeymoons, battling the Silence, being caught in the middle of a war between Humans and Gangers, Amy being kidnapped and replaced with a ganger, having a baby, which grew up to become River Song, and then swapping The Tardis for normal, everyday life.

During their final days with The Doctor, they got flung onto a Dalek Asylum, encountered Dinosaurs On A Spaceship, protected a town called Mercy, investigated the world’s slowest invasion of cubes, before parting with The Doctor once and for all. In 2012 New York, after narrowly escaping The Weeping Angels in the 1930s, Rory got zapped back into time, which motivated Amy to make the ultimate sacrifice, allow the Weeping Angel to send her back in time too, to be with her husband, leaving her daughter and raggedy man behind.

Rory Williams

Rory is the husband of Amy Pond and knew her ever since they were kids. He was the only person who believed Amy about the Doctor and actually got to meet him for real 12 years later where he became Amy’s (sort of) boyfriend. 2 years later, The Doctor picked up Amy and Rory the night before their wedding and battled Fish-Vampires, Silurians and the crack in time. During these adventures Rory got shot by a Silurian and got erased from time, which made Amy forget her Fiancée. The Doctor and Amy were summoned to Stonehenge by River Song and met a Roman Auton version of Rory and he helped save the Doctor from ‘The Alliance’ and protected Amy while she was restored in ‘The Pandorica’. Once the Doctor rebooted the universe Rory came back to life and continued travelling in time and space after he and Amy’s wedding and later, Amy gave birth to his child ‘Melody Pond’ a.k.a. River Song.

But after numerous adventures with The Doctor and Amy, and his dad, Rory was zapped back in time by a Weeping Angel. Unable to bring back her husband, Amy sacrificed her life with The Doctor to be with her husband.


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