capaldi-series-8-genThe Twelfth Doctor

The Doctor was granted a whole new regeneration cycle by The Time Lords, and regenerated into a grumpy, old scotsman, much to a bemused Clara.

Certain on seeing his face before, this Doctor is sharp, impatient and sometimes very rude. He’d choose a Dalek over a hug any day. He may not be the happiest of all his incarnations, but loves going on adventures through time and space, especially with his most loyal companion, Clara Oswald. The two got off onto a rocky start, but they are now the best of friends.

He has encountered the likes of Missy, Davros and Cybermen, but always manages to defeat his enemies or fears, whether equipped with his Sonic Sunglasses or not.


Clara Oswald

Clara is different from most of The Doctor’s previous companions. The Coal Hill Teacher scattered herself across The Doctor’s timestream, creating millions of versions of herself, in order to save The Doctor.

Although she originally travelled with The Eleventh Doctor, she was faced with a man that she didn’t know, The Twelfth Doctor. Having to adapt to this new man, and put her trust in him, they finally managed to become the best of friends, and Clara remains to be one of The Doctor’s most loyal friends.











The Eleventh Doctor


The Doctor is a Time Lord from the Planet Gallifrey, who travels in a spaceship called the TARDIS.

He can change his face and have a whole new personality in a process called ‘Regeneration’.

The Eleventh Doctor is currently 909 years old and has a quirky, quick tempered but compassionate personality and is interested in the largest of things to the smallest of things. He is also a big fan of the ‘bow tie’ and knows they ‘are cool’.

He’s defeated Daleks, Cybermen, sexy fish vampires, faced off the Atraxi, and even lost his closest friends at the hands of the Weeping Angels. This lovable mad man in a box doesn’t like endings. But on the fields of Trenzalore, at the fall of the Eleventh, Silence Will Fall.

“And now it’s time for one last bow,
like all your other selves,
Eleven’s hour is over now,
the clock is striking Twelve’s.”




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