The Atraxi are a Galactic Police Force, resembling eyeballs attached to crystalline structures.

                   Blade Fin

The Blade Fin was a shark-like creature that prowled the waters around the flooded 23rd century London, now it’s more of a network of underwater tunnels codenamed ‘Poseidon’. The Blade Fin still immediately attacks, attempting to ram its way into the glass tunnels.


The Cybermen are emotionless robots, which were once humans. Various parts of a Cyberman can still attack, e.g.head, arm. They have faced the Daleks and have attempted to upgrade all humans into Cybermen, but failed due to their worst enemy The Doctor.


The Daleks are Kaled mutants in armoured shell cases. They are from the planet Skaro and fought the Time Lords in the Last Great Time War. The Daleks are full of hate and have been defeated by all incarnations of the doctor about 400 times. Davros is the Creator of the Daleks and the Daleks battle cry is ‘EX-TER-MIN-ATE’.



The Eknodines are a race of aliens that can inhabit a human body. The Eknodine is a green eye-stalk that looks out of its host’s mouth and turns their victims to dust by breathing a gas upon them. They are only seen in the fictional version of Upper Leadworth created by the Dream Lord.

                           The Flood

The Flood were nicknamed by the Tenth Doctor. When it infects a human, the host’s eyes turn cloudy blue, teeth blacken and cracks form around the mouth. This zombie-like creature seeks to infect everyone as they can shoot water from all parts of the body. The Flood were destroyed when Bowie Base One blown up.


The Gangers (Doppelgangers) are made from a fully programmable material called the Flesh. They can stretch or become a giant flesh monster and can look completely human, but with smooth, cold, gooey skin. The Eleventh Doctor had a ganger, as did Amy and Melody, which were created by Madame Kovarian and the Silence.


The Handbots are programmed to help the visitors of Apalapucia with their Kindness. But their medicine would kill an alien from another world and if they refused, their face would split into four to dart out a needle. If they fail their mission, more Handbots teleport to assist it in it’s purpose.

The Isolus

The Isolus is an alien, full of emotion and it’s family are around the size of 4 billion. When it was seperated from it’s swarm it came to Earth and took the body of Chloe Webber. It confused her into fearing her dead dad and drawing neighbourhood children and trapping them in her pictures. The Isolus eventually released Chloe when it was shown love by the Doctor.


The Judoon are space police that appear as rhinoceroses that work for the Shadow Proclamation. They are thick and will do anything to succeed in their mission.


The Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond helped Vincent Van Gogh discover the mystery of a creature, that only he could see. The Krafayis was a blind creature and was abandoned by its own kind. The Doctor used a Species matcher machine, which would identify the species or draw a picture of it. This creature was based on a book by the Time Lords and was later killed by Vincent Van Gogh in self defence.


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